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At Enhet Consultancy Services we believe that " The service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth ". Now the opportunity to show a kind gesture of humanity and to save lives is now at your fingertips.

How often we have faced an urgent situation where your loved ones are in need of blood,we go on collecting the contacts and make so much of efforts to find an apt donor. Medinfo comes to your help at these situations where finding a donor is now easier than ever. We bring together the right donors and the recipients in the blink of an eye. Donation of Blood means a few minutes to you but a lifetime for somebody else.

How to Use

It is simple to use! Like any other Android Apps, just have to do the following steps given below. Inside the App, you can Request Blood, Donate Blood, know nearby Donors, Cancel the requested Blood, know those who have Accepted your request & requests which you have Accepted, then Map with options to find nearby Hospitals/ Doctors/Pharmacies. Also included Refer & Earn, Instructions regarding blood donations & Medical News Tips.


Download Medinfo app from google play store using the below link.Find the app and click download. Then it starts to download.

Install App

After download it will start to install and wait a minute. After install a shortcut icon is placed on your home screen.

Ready to Use

Click the icon.Then you can see a login window. If you were new user register the app and login to your medinfo account

Why choose Medinfo?

Medinfo is a free app where your emergency medical needs are addressed. It makes use of the internet connection to let you look for a suitable blood donor,or an emergency ambulance services with in your geographic location making the search more worthy.

  • Free App.
  • Genuine Requests
  • Less Waiting Period
  • Location tag
  • Ambulance services
  • Easy to Donate Blood

User Friendly Interface,
Very Easy to Use

Register the medinfo app with your mobile number and blood group, after verifying your mobile number you have to fill your name,email id and password

Now you are entered in to the medinfo home. There you cab find our services like Blood request, donors list, location,news/tips,refer&earn,general instruction to donate blood,accepted requests,cancel requests etc.

Right Donor,Right Blood Group, Right Time, Right Place

You need to give the complete information about the blood group,units,patients name,Hospital just to make sure of the genuineness of the requests.

The donors are asked to give the last donation date and if its less than 90 days the app wont allow to accept any more requests for that user.The requests will be sorted and the notification will be available for the donors near to the location and thus process can be speeded up.

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How many times we have faced a situation where emergency blood is required and you go on calling,posting in social media and the message keeps on running for ever and still unable to get one.

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INSTALL and be a part of this young generation who have the thrust to help others and restore HUMANITY

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